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    We can meet your currency exchange needs seven days a week by electronic transfer, wire, draft, or cash. A wide variety of currencies readily available.

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    Our team consists of forex traders and banking experts with decades of market experience. We have an impeccable reputation for upholding the industry’s highest standards of privacy, security and compliance.

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We are one of Canada’s premier independent currency exchange specialists.

We are staffed with traders experienced at some of the largest financial institutions in the world. We do hundreds of millions of dollars worth of currency exchange transactions each year and save our customers millions of dollars. We are able to deliver these savings because our expertise in currency markets and our volumes allow us to access the international markets and bring the benefits of better pricing directly to our clients.

We’re Different

We were founded nearly two decades ago on the idea that Canadians deserved better foreign currency exchange rates than those offered by traditional financial institutions. We have now grown into one of Canada’s largest independent currency exchange specialists. We are still driven everyday by a desire to meet the needs of each of our clients by providing superior service, practical advice, and the best currency exchange rates of any financial institution in Canada.